Empowering Communities: The Visionary Journey of Tia Brown-Bonds, Founder of Anchor Community Services

Empowering Communities: The Visionary Journey of Tia Brown-Bonds, Founder of Anchor Community Services

Tia Brown-Bonds is not just a business owner—she's a catalyst for change, a beacon of hope, and a tireless advocate for her community. As the founder of Anchor Community Services, Tia's entrepreneurial journey is driven by a deep-seated desire to make a difference and leave a lasting impact.

Inspired by her father's resilience and determination to create his own path, Tia embarked on her entrepreneurial journey with a heart set on helping others. "I developed a heart for helping others," she shares. "And I found my passion in being a part of the change I seek."

Yet, as a Black entrepreneur, Tia has encountered her fair share of challenges. "Nothing will just be handed to me," she acknowledges. But instead of letting these obstacles deter her, Tia has chosen to be an open door, offering free advice and support to others embarking on similar journeys.

Anchor Community Services operates across multiple states, offering a wide range of services from outpatient mental health services to hospice care and community engagement. Tia's approach is unique—she sees herself not as competing with others in the market, but as a force for positive change, actively involved in every aspect of her business to ensure the highest quality of care.

In a competitive landscape, Tia approaches marketing with a focus on learning from those who have mastered it before her. "The goal is to work smarter, not harder," she affirms.

The most rewarding aspect of running her own business, Tia says, is the convenience and flexibility it offers, allowing her to make a difference on her own terms. And in the face of challenges, Tia remains resilient, knowing that each obstacle prepares her for something greater.

For those inspired by her journey or looking to support Anchor Community Services, reaching out is simple. Whether through internships, mentoring, or community engagement, Tia welcomes collaboration and support as she continues to empower communities and drive positive change.


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