Introducing Derrick Calloway: Revolutionizing Fire Safety with Affiliate Fire Protection

Introducing Derrick Calloway: Revolutionizing Fire Safety with Affiliate Fire Protection

Derrick Calloway, the driving force behind Affiliate Fire Protection, is not your average CEO. His entrepreneurial journey is fueled by a desire to break free from corporate limitations and create a legacy of wealth for his family. With over 12 years in the industry, Derrick's decision to step away from his previous role was a defining moment—a testament to his unwavering determination and hustler's mentality.

As a Black entrepreneur in the fire safety industry, Derrick has faced a mix of challenges and opportunities. While some applaud his success and choose to do business with him, others cast doubt on the legitimacy of his enterprise. The transition from worker to owner brought unexpected resistance, underscoring the complexities of entrepreneurship in a competitive landscape.

Affiliate Fire Protection stands out as a beacon of excellence in fire extinguisher services. Specializing in inspections, maintenance, and services, the company prides itself on being the only black-owned extinguisher company in Louisiana. Derrick's commitment to quality and representation sets Affiliate Fire Protection apart, earning the trust and loyalty of clients across the region.

In marketing and promotion, Derrick adopts a pragmatic approach, leveraging social media platforms while prioritizing quality service and affordability. For Derrick, the most rewarding aspect of running his own business lies in the freedom to prioritize family—a sentiment that resonates deeply in his entrepreneurial journey.

Resilience in the face of challenges is Derrick's mantra. With a firm belief in personal accountability, he refuses to succumb to excuses, choosing instead to make proactive moves towards success. As he continues to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship, Derrick invites the audience to support Affiliate Fire Protection by visiting their website and scheduling their fire extinguisher and safety needs—a small step towards empowering a visionary entrepreneur and safeguarding communities.


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