Meet Yolanda Williams, CEO of Trusted Care Labs

Meet Yolanda Williams, CEO of Trusted Care Labs

In the dynamic world of healthcare entrepreneurship, Yolanda Williams shines as a beacon of dedication and innovation. As the founder and CEO of Trusted Care Labs, Yolanda's journey from caregiver to entrepreneur is both inspiring and emblematic of the resilience required to succeed.

Yolanda's path was driven by a deep desire to make a difference. After years of caregiving, she pursued formal education in phlebotomy, aiming to offer comprehensive medical services. "I see many people who can't reach hospitals for tests," she says, leading her to establish a Mobile Lab to bring services to them.

As a Black entrepreneur, Yolanda faced unique challenges, including building trust within her community amidst skepticism. Despite this, Trusted Care Labs offers a wide range of services, with mobility being its hallmark. "I bring the Lab to you!" Yolanda emphasizes.

While marketing isn't her forte, Yolanda relies on grassroots efforts and partnerships with medical professionals. For her, entrepreneurship is a journey of pride and determination. "Nothing as of yet," she reflects, "I'm just proud of myself for even starting."

In the face of challenges, Yolanda finds strength in prayer and self-motivation. To support Trusted Care Labs, she welcomes word-of-mouth promotion and encourages direct contact through her website.

Yolanda Williams' story exemplifies the power of determination and innovation in healthcare entrepreneurship. As she continues her journey, her resilience and commitment serve as an inspiration to all.


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